Linkdump: Ebook and Self-Publishing Resources

by logicgrimoire

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last weeks compiling information on various facets of ebook creation, distribution, etc. I’ll be digging into many of these topics at length in upcoming posts, but for today I’d like to give you a nice, juicy linkdump from my own notes for your reading pleasure.


‘Leanpub’ is a Canadian company that pays you a 90% royalty rate, minus a $0.50 fee per book sold. You set your own price, and retain all rights to the books, including the right to publish elsewhere (Amazon, etc.) or sell to traditional publishers at some point. Their name is a reference to the idea that you can publish works-in-progress and get feedback along the way. In addition, you can publish compilations of blogs. I’ve read a few books that were compilations derived from blogs I like. It’s a great format. I’m getting pretty excited about these guys.

Kindle Direct

Amazon offers ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’, whereby you sell your ebook directly to Amazon’s customers via their web store. There are two royalty options: 35% and 70% (see here for an analysis of their royalty rates).


Smashwords is a distributor, and kind of a one-stop shop for taking your book from humble Word document to an ebook for sale with Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. Be aware that they take an additional royalty on top of the royalties each of those stores takes (as I understand it). However, they make ebook publishing dead simple, and do a lot of the book-creation and distribution legwork for you. Marketing is still your problem, though.

Barnes & Noble PubIt!\_app/bn?t=pi\_reg\_home

Barnes & Noble’s direct sales channel for the Nook. It looks like it’s available via their website as well.

J.A. Konrath’s Blog

J.A. Konrath writes a lot about ebook and self-publishing at his blog. He’s gone from $40,000 salary midlister to being, in his words, “in the top tax bracket.” So it’s only one data point, but you can learn a lot about the game from reading his blog.

Calibre Ebook Software

Calibre is a free ebook reader. It also does conversions among various ebook formats. For those of you who are programmer-types, you can bypass the GUI and script calibre using the command-line interface.

Writer Beware

Finally, the SF & F writers of America (SFWA), which is sort of a trade organization for traditionally published writers, has a page up that has lots of useful links about scams and so forth, basically a signpost for what to avoid. They’re biased in favor of traditional
over self-publishing, but that is where their membership comes from, after all. Still plenty of interesting and useful information there, though.

[Image courtesy the_pale_side_of_insomnia under Creative Commons license.]